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Semi Trailer

We offer a variety of Semi Trailers for different purposes. Each of these is verified for quality before being dispatched to our customers. These trailers are priced at affordable and competitive rates and we also promise timely delivery of the goods by the promised dates. The different types of Semi Trailers that we offer are 3 Axles Lowbed Cargo Truck Semi Trailer (80Ton), Bulk Cement Tank Semi Trailer (45M3), Bulk Cement Tank Semi Trailer (10Ton), Fuel Tank Semi Trailer (45M3), Container Semi Trailer, Flatbed 2 Axle Semi Trailer, Low Bed Semi Trailer, and the list continues.

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flatbed semi trailer with side wall

We manufacture, supply and also export Flatbed Semi Trailer with Side Wall with both, mechanical as well as air type suspension. These products are well known for their high grade quality and ease of usage apart from the long working lives. The material used is high grade steel that can withstand an enormous amount of stress.


Side Wall Semi Trailer for Hot Selling

Side Wall Semi Trailers for Hot Selling is one of our products that are in high demand usually. It is famous for its independent stamping steel rigid suspension that ensures good efficiency and performance as well. The product will be delivered 15 days after the order has been confirmed by us. It is suitable for transportation


Flatbed 2 Axle Semi Trailer

This Flatbed 2 Axle Semi Trailer is manufactured by us in our very own factories under expert supervision. The twist lock is usually of four pieces and the material of the beam is high stress steel that ensures a long service life. This trailer is quite easy to operate and does not require much maintenance. The platform plate


container semi trailer

Available in default sizes, the Container Semi Trailer can also be manufactured according to the specifications given by the customer. It is available in either hanging chain or net type carrier. We have a reputation for supplying premium quality goods that offer top class performance. Our client base includes companies from


Powder Material Transport Bulk Cement Semi Trailer

We are manufacturing high grade Powder Material Transport Bulk Cement Semi Trailers for last many years and are counted amongst the most trusted manufacturers of the same in China. We also supply our products to many different markets of the China and the remaining world. All our clients, local as well as foreign, are quite


Fuel Tank Semi Trailer (45M3)

We manufacture Fuel Tank Semi Trailer (45M3) of premium quality. We are equipped to supply 1000 sets of these trailers per month. These consist of four double chambers and two single ones apart from the two piece tire carrier. These are also equipped with a tool box in case of any issues. We would be delighted to undertake your


Bulk Cement Tank Semi Trailer (10Ton)

As the name suggests, the Bulk Cement Tank Semi Trailer (10Ton) is equipped for a capacity of 10 tonnes. The tank body is made of steel that is about 6mm thick and so are the forehead and back head. The compressor is of standard size. These Bulk Cement Tank Semi Trailers (10Ton) have been made to comply with international


Bulk Cement Tank Semi Trailer (45M3)

Manufactured using the finest materials and premium technology, our Bulk Cement Tank Semi Trailer (45M3) is a product that makes work simple yet efficient. These trailers are in high demand now owing to their top notch performance and long working life that does not require much maintenance. We manufacture these to default


Three Axle Container Semi Trailer (20Feet)

We are reputed and experienced manufacturers of Three Axle Container Semi Trailer (20Feet) of high grade quality that promises top notch performance and unmatched efficiency. It is equipped with a four piece twist lock and the tire numbers can be chosen according to the needs of the application by the customer. There are


Three Axle Container Semi Trailer (40Feet)

Made by using the finest quality of materials moulded under expert supervision, the Three Axle Container Semi Trailer (40Feet) promises flawless performance and ease of operation. These Three Axle Container Semi Trailers (40Feet) are widely in use in many companies across the world. Our products are preferred for their


2 Axle Container Transport Semi Trailer (20Feet)

With a relatively large loading capacity, the 2 Axle Container Transport Semi Trailer (20Feet) is one of the well-known product for its unmatched efficiency. They are equipped with two or three axles and are usually manufactured to default specifications. These can be altered if required. Our sales executives will provide you


Concrete Mixer Semi Trailer (12M)

We are amongst the most trusted manufacturers when it comes to highly efficient Concrete Mixer Semi Trailers (12M). We not only manufacture high quality Concrete Mixer Semi Trailers (12M) but also supply and export them to as many different markets as possible. All our supplies of Concrete Mixer Semi Trailers (12M) are


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